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Big Picture Solutions, Inc


We are here to serve you.

BPS, Inc is an award-winning company that simplifies technology for luxury homes.

We are committed to providing world-class products that offer complete control of audio/video equipment, LED lighting, motorized shades, and reliable WiFi.

BPS, Inc will always base the company’s success on principles grounded in character and integrity. While winning the job is important to us, the way our team treats others is even more important.



BPS, Inc has grown by word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. They value their time and privacy and we value the opportunity to serve them. While our company headquarters is currently based in South Florida, we travel nationwide to provide the best concierge service in the tech industry.


WhoM We Serve

Our team’s value for excellence has allowed us to build a roster of distinguished clients over the last 15 years. We believe this speaks volumes about BPS, Inc’s reliability as a boutique integration firm and qualified contractor.


Home Owners





 To protect and maintain trust, BPS, Inc does not discuss client names, project details, privately or publicly. Exceptions to our company’s disclosure policy are only made upon agreement with the client for industry awards and or specific marketing purposes.



If we recommend or use a particular product, it is a direct result of us vetting and testing it. We install and support many premium brands because every project is as unique as the client.

Our clients don’t waste time looking for products that are hard to use and never work.


Founded in 2004

Big Picture Solutions, Inc is also known as BPS, Inc. Same company, with the best solutions.


 Big Picture Solutions, Inc is an HTA Estate Certified company with a proven history of technical ability and customer service.

Learn more about what HTA Certification means for you.


Avoid Amateur Installs

We know the tech industry is saturated with many integrators. These companies often lack the skill and knowledge necessary for delivering a job well done. BPS, Inc offers clients a more professional experience to ensure that every detail is seamlessly managed with care and expertise.

From Original to Retro Fit

We believe every problem is just an opportunity for a solution. From custom estates to historic homes, adding the latest technology increases the property value. BPS, Inc guides clients through the complex construction process to guarantee the best possible outcome.